Activities in the consulting room

For more than 10 years, I have been working in my private consulting office as a professional Counsellor, assisting all those who wish to develop forms of empowerment to tackle particularly significant phases and critical junctures in their lives, from a perspective of self-respect and adherence to one’s values, and in relation to others and the environment -
this is a part of my work that I deeply love.

What is Counselling?

cos'è il counseling

When might Counselling be beneficial?

In life, we can find ourselves in difficult moments that, even though they are part of "everyday living" they present us with choices.

Typically, these moments are connected to periods of transition, such as: personal, familial, educational, or professional.

Change is never painless, and the challenges, if listened to, are the strongest signals that something within us is changing.

Counselling can assist when you want to:

A Counselling journey is based on well-defined objectives.

A Counselling journey is characterised by being time-limited.

Counselling  sessions cater to the individual, the couple, the family, or can be group-based:

homogeneous groups consist of individuals united by the same exploration needs or within specific themes;

heterogeneous groups comprise individuals working within the same organisational context (interdisciplinary teams).

Chiara Veneri

I am a dedicated professional specialising in guiding development and transformation with individuals and groups.

I support individuals and organisations in unlocking their potential and empowering them to carve their own paths.

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