Various areas of activity

I've dedicated myself to a specialised focus, constantly enriching my expertise in unlocking people's potential. Over the past 25 years, I've collaborated with diverse organisations spanning various sizes and industries, all unified in their desire to nurture and enhance their teams as individual assets crucial to their success.

I have worked with and currently work with organisations operating in the following sectors:

Banks and insurance companies

Healthcare organisations

Commercial and industrial companies

Non-profit organisations


Cultural foundations

In my private practice, I meet with individuals, couples, families, and professional teams.

For specific references, you can contact me at the following number: +39 3484422892

Chiara Veneri

I am a dedicated professional specialising in guiding development and transformation with individuals and groups.

I support individuals and organisations in unlocking their potential and empowering them to carve their own paths.

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tel: +39 3484422892

Copyright @Chiara Veneri 2024